Photobook – How to add a border to a photo

Borders are a great way to give a different look to photos. You can give photos a white border to make them look like the old-fashioned printed photographs when they all had a white border.

You can also use borders to highlight a colour in a specific photo or just to create a page with bright, happy colours.

To add a border click on the picture you want to add the border to. Then on the right hand side select the first tab picture box tab. This is where you can change things like shape, angle, corners and also add borders and / or drop shadows.

Tick the box called ‘Border’ and select how thick you want the border to be. Then click on the box next to colour to pick the colour for your border. You can even set the opacity for the border if you want to customise it even further.

This is what a red border size 15 would look like in the settings: border settings

Here are a few examples on how to create a complete different look with borders using the same photos:

white borders     colourful borders     black borders

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