Photobook – How to design a professional looking photobook

Have you ever seen those beautiful coffee table photobooks made by professionals? Want to know their tricks? Do you want your photobook to look like it was made by a professional, but you don’t want to spend the money on a professional designer? Here are 4 inside tips to be your own professional designer:

  1. Select a large book (30x30cm or 33x26cm) to make sure you have enough room to play with.
  2. When deciding on how many pages to use, check how many photos you have and divide by 3. This makes sure you can have some pages or a spread with just one beautiful photo, leaving other pages to make collages of photos grouped together to even out the number. Alternatively, if you have to stick to a certain budget, decide how many pages your photobook can have and multiply by 3 before you pick the photos you want to use. And remember most photobook designing software allows you to add pages once you have started working, so a few photos more or less is fine.
  3. Pick a style (font and size) for the headings and the text and stick with it. Using one style makes it all come together. Make sure your font size is not too large. Most of you know how large Times New Roman or Arial is when printed at size 10 or 12 is as this is one of the usual standards for Word documents and email. Keep that in mind when selecting your size and compare your selection with a bit of text in those standard fonts and sizes next to it to make sure it is not too large or too small (some fonts are significantly larger than others with the same font size).
  4. Mask called 'fade box 1'Decide on a colour scheme for your photobook. You can use different colours for page colour backgrounds, but try to use a maximum of 4 colours throughout the photobook. Black, white and one or two colours used sparingly will give it a well-planned look. For variations, try using a photo as a background and set it to 50 or 60% opacity (do you know you can upload your own photo to the tab ‘backgrounds’ in pix2print so you can use your favourite background over and over again simply by dragging it onto the page?) or use the mask ‘fade box 1’ (see image) on a full-page photo.
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