How to create a photobook in less than 5 minutes

I’d love to do ‘x’ or create ‘y’, but I don’t have any time – how often do we hear ourselves saying this? I know I say it often enough. But now there is no reason not to have time to create a photobook because it can be done in less than 5 minutes! Want to know how? Keep reading or watch the video – it will take less than 5 minutes of your time!

The steps are simple, once you have downloaded the software double-clik on the icon on your desktop to open it, select NEW and decide which size photobook you want. You have to add a name (for example holiday 2011) and click ‘create’.

The photobook design software opens and displays an empty book. Select the folder where the photos are you want to use and click on the button called ‘Autoflow’ (make sure you have enough pages in your book for the number of photos you want to use – see professional looking photobook for tips). Autoflow can assign pictures:

  • depending on the order they appear in the picture list
  • by picture orientation (landscape or portrait)

A few seconds later your photobook appears ready, but please make sure you check every page before you order it so you can make some minor changes where necessary (like changing a page style, adding a border, adding some text or changing the page background colour).

I always add at least a title on the front cover and the spine, because it makes it easier to see what is in the photobook when standing in the bookcase.

When you have checked every page, click order and follow the prompts online. Don’t forget to upload your files once you have completed the payment process!

Happy creating!

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