Planning a holiday photobook

This may sound odd, but have you ever thought about planning your photobook? Just like making a good movie and writing a good story, it helps if you know what you want and where you want to end up before you start putting the pages of your photobook together.

Let me try to explain.

When you want to create a photobook of your holiday you could decide to tell the story of the holiday with your photos – a picture is worth a 1000 words! Most of us start taking photos once we have reached our destination, but think about all the things before arriving at your destination…

Planning your holiday for example – much of the joy of a holiday is in the preparation and planning phase. You get excited about the time off and all the things you want to do (or not do) when you get there. How about taking a photo of all the brochures and books you used to plan your trip, or take a snapshot of your travel buddy sitting in the middle of that pile of information? That would make a great start of your photobook.

Next is the packing phase. This could be a time of frustration (why closing your suitcasedoesn’t it fit into my bag!), but it is also a time of the realisation that the holiday is not far now. If you use a list for packing, keep the list and scan it so you can add it next to the photo of you sitting on top of your suitcase, trying desperately to close it.

Don’t forget the travel phase either. Remember “getting there is half the fun”. The queues at the check-in or the traffic jam on the road, that lovely picnic on the side of the road or the quick fix of decent coffee before boarding, an arty shot of a mosaic, the trees or a path, they are all moments that can become treasured memories when you add them to your photobook.

Then you arrive at your holiday destination, take as many photos as you like. Photos with you and your travel buddies can make a photobook really personal, but don’t forget the cute little cats you saw every morning at breakfast, that amazing sunset and the people around you. These photos can be used to create the atmosphere of the place, show the beauty or the mayhem in the streets.

Don’t stop taking photos when the holiday comes to an end. Capture the mood on the way back too and add it to your photobook to complete the story. You might be unhappy because you have to go back to work, but maybe you are extremely excited about seeing the dog again who couldn’t join you on your holiday and stayed with friends instead.

All these little things make your photobook unique and very personal! Treasure it and show it to your family and friends when completed, they will love it!

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