Important tip for multiple cameras

Have you ever gone on a holiday and taken 2 or more cameras? Or maybe you only had one camera, but you were travelling with friends who also brought a camera. Or – this can be a real challenge – you went away on a weekend and there must have been 6 or 7 cameras in the group. Everybody happily snapping away, taking lots of fun photos with the idea to share them later.

Then comes the biggest problem – trying to get all the photos into some sort of order. Most of us will want all photos in chronological order, but that can be a real challenge when you are dealing with photos from different cameras as I have certainly experienced on many occasions!

There is an easy solution to all of this, but it requires a little bit of planning before we all start shooting those pictures, and it is very simple. Set the date and time on each of your cameras to be exactly the same. When you are taking more than one camera this is easy as you can do it at home before taking any photo. When you are with other people with cameras you will need to be a bit more organised and ask everybody to do this. It might be a bit of a challenge as not all people find it easy to change date and / or time on their camera, but trust me, it is worth the effort!

When you come home and you put all your photos from your trip into one folder, you can then easily place them all in chronological order by sorting on ‘Date taken’, no matter how many cameras were there.

PS – Make sure everybody with a digital camera on their phones is also part of the ‘date and time process’.

PS 2 – Make sure you use ‘Date taken’ (not ‘Date created’).

PS 3 – If you have all the photos in one folder, but can’t see the ‘Date taken’ column, make sure you set your view to ‘Details’ and right-click in the top area with the column names (like Name, Date, Type, Size). Select ‘Date taken’ from the drop-down menu and click on it to sort the contents of the folder by ‘Date taken’.

Add date taken to details in windows explorer

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