Photobook – Receipts, entry tickets and maps

When creating a photobook you can use your photos of that holiday, but have you ever thought about adding some more personal details? And no, I am not talking about adding your phone number to the photobook, but I am thinking of things like entry tickets, receipts, maps and other things you might pick up during your travels.

Like planning your holiday photobook, it also pays to spend some time during your holidays in collecting little momentos for later so you can turn your photobook in something unique and special.

boarding passIf you keep receipts, entry tickets, maps and brochures, you can scan them once you get back home and add some to your photobook.

“But I don’t have a scanner!” No worries, even without a scanner you can still add these little treasures to your photobook. Simply take a photo of them!

When you are traveling light and don’t want to add to the weight of your backpack you can use this trick on the road too, it also means your receipts and entry tickets are in chronological order just like the rest of your photos when you take a photo of them as soon as you get them.

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