Photobook – How to add round corners to your photos

If you would like to bring  some variation into your photobook you could add some round corners to some photos. It gives your photos a different look and is very simple to do.

Select the page style you want to use and drop and drag it to the page. You can add your photos to the picture boxes now or wait until you have set the round corners. If you want to add your round corners first, select the first picture box by clicking on it.

first page of the inspectorIn the inspector on the right hand side, make sure you are on the first page with this icon: icon for the first page of the inspector (see image of the inspector).

Use the slider next to ‘Corner:’ to see how big or small you want the rounded corners to be. Once you have decided how big (for example 40), use the area next to the slider to set any other picture boxes to the same number.

You can use the slider for the other picture boxes as well, but make sure you set them all to the same size for consistency. Of course you can set them all to different sizes to create a playful effect if you like, but for a consistent look you should set them all to the same size.

Have a look at an example with 3 photos with rounded corners (size 40) and a page background colour in style with the colours in the photo.

photos with rounded corners

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