Organising your photos

Now everybody has there own way of organising photos and if you do a search on google you will find many software companies offering you the latest and greatest in photo organisation software all wanting some of your hard-earned cash. Some of them night be great (and some are even free), but I find that setting up a simple folder structure works fine for me.

What I have done is create a folder for each year of digital photos on my computer (I use a organise your photos structure per yearpc and Windows Explorer) under ‘My Pictures’. I also have a folder called ‘download’ at the same level as the years and I have set up both my cameras (my happy snapper and my DSLR) to automatically download to that folder called ‘download’. This makes it really easy for me to download photos whenever I want and not worry about splitting them up in different folders when downloading (I do this afterwards).

organising photos by eventsWhen I start sorting the photos in my ‘download’ folder, I create a new folder for each event. Each folder starts with the year, followed by the month. You could also add the day to complete the sorting in chronological order, but for me knowing which month the photos were taken in is enough (and as a lot of photos I take are not all taken on one day I prefer to do it this way). I then add a describing name to the folder so I know what event the photos are from. For example 2011-06 wedding Sandra & Peter.

So now when I need to find photos I can easily scroll through the names of the folders in a specific year, or just look for the correct month (if I remember). Windows Explorer puts them all in chronological order for me because of automatically sorting alphabetically.

Inside each folder I sort the photos chronologically as well by the date they were taken (see Important tip for multiple cameras under PS 3 on how to sort chronologically using ‘Date taken’).

As I said before, there are many other (free or cheap) ways of organising your photos, let us know if you have another great system to organise your memories. Maybe you use Picassa and have never looked back, or do you prefer an online filing system? I’d be very interested to know what works for you (or what you might have tried and found that didn’t work – might save us all a few headaches…).

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