A new year, a sneak preview

Welcome to 2012 – hopefully you have had a great holiday period (you might still be enjoying your time off…), we certainly had a great time and are looking forward to this year.

This is the time for the good ol’ new year’s resolutions… Have you made some promises to yourself? Are you really going to make it work this time? I always find the start of a new year very exciting, because it is all in front of you and it has all opportunities still available. My resolutions always turn into to-do lists, with more holiday always at the top, but also things like sharing more time with friends, go for my runs (I have set myself a goal this year to give me an incentive) and

If you have made a resolution to be more creative this year, then we can certainly help! We are planning to give you many ideas and tips this year so you can use them to create stunning personalised photobooks and calendars. We always love to hear from you and backgroundswelcome all feedback. Let us know if you like a tip or an idea, or maybe you have an even better idea for us that you are happy to share with others. Or maybe you want us to create a video about a certain topic – whatever it is, send us an email, post a message on facebook or leave a comment here.

For now, we thought we share with you a few of the backgrounds we will have available to you in our products, we hope you like them! And remember, pix2print allows you to always use your own photos or images as background, you can even save them and use them again and again.

We will show you how in our next post!

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