Photobook – How to add your own backgrounds

As promised in the last post ‘A new year, a sneak preview‘ we’ll show you how to add your own backgrounds so you can easily re-use them again and again.

A lot of photobook designer software offer you a limited number of backgrounds and don’t offer the option to add your own. But if you use the pix2print free software, you can use your own backgrounds, and also add them to the collection you see under the tab ‘backgrounds’.

This means you can simply drag and drop your favourite background image or photo into your photobook. You can even give it a useful name and add it to a category if you like. So if you have a beautiful sunset photo you took on your last holiday which you want to use a few times in your photobook, add it to the backgrounds tab and drag and drop where you want to use it.

We have created this short video (just over 1 minute) to show you how to save yourself time every time you want to use your own photo as a background by adding it to the backgrounds in the software for the size of photobook where you want to use it.

If you prefer to read about how to do it, check below the video for the step-by-step instructions.

Open the size photobook where you would like to use your own background and click on the tab ‘backgrounds’. On the right hand side you will see a cog wheel (the settings). Click on the cog wheel to open the settings and select ‘Add’.

This opens a pop-up window which you can use to navigate to the place where you have stored the image or photo on your computer. Select the image or photo and select ‘Open’.

add backgroundsThis ‘Add Background’ window opens and you can change the name and pick a category for your background. Make sure the checkbox ‘All Projects Of This Type’ has a tick in it so your own backgrounds also show up in any new photobooks you create (of the same size).

Click OK and you’re already done! Have fun making your photobook even more personal with your own backgrounds!

PS Make sure any images or photos you use as backgrounds are big enough for the size photobook you have selected. The pix2print software will give you a warning if your image or photo is too small – watch out for the red warning sign (red warning).

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