Photobook – How to sort your photos

When I create a photobook I usually use most photos in chronological order unless I really want some together that were taken on different days. That’s why I usually sort my photos chronologically too so I can slowly scroll down the list and drag and drop the ones I want to use onto their page.

But sometimes I specifically need a portrait oriented photo or I want to see which photos I haven’t used yet. And that’s when the different sorting options really come into their own. Check out the short video (just over 1 minute) if you prefer to see what I mean, or read on below for more.

The sorting options available are:

  • Do Not Sort
  • By Filename
  • By Date Created
  • By Date Modified
  • By Picture Orientation
  • By Picture Usage
  • By Rating

The ones I used most are: By Filename, By Picture Orientation and By Picture Usage, and you might have your own favourites too.

With your photos displayed in the photo selection area, click on the cog wheel (the settings for the photos selection area) and select ‘Sort’. There are 7 different options (see above) and you can also set if you want the order to be ascending or descending.

I just love the fact that I can see which photos I haven’t used yet – I use it as a check to make sure I haven’t left out any photos I really wanted to use. And the ‘By Picture Orientation’ makes it easy to find a portrait or landscape photo for that one spot in the photobook where I need that specific orientation (just because I think it looks better).

Don’t forget you can always make the photo selection area wider if you want to see 2 columns of photos next to each other. Simply drag the line between the photo selection area and the photobook pages to the right to increase the size (up to 2 photos wide) or drag it back to the left to decrease the size.

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