Photobook – How to duplicate your photobook or calendar

There are many, many reasons why you might need to create a duplicate of your photobook or calendar. Think of a holiday spent with friends and you have created a photobook of the holiday. Now you might want to give your friends an exact copy of the photobook (maybe for their birthday or for Christmas) in which case you can just order the multiple copies at the same time as you order your own photobook.

But what if you want to change just a few things in the photobook to make it even more personal for everybody who is receiving one? You might want to change the title, or maybe the photo on the front cover so that each person has their personal photo on the front cover. Or maybe you want to write something on the first page, add a personal note about the holiday or your friend.

For Christmas you might have created a beautiful family calendar, but you want to personalise each calendar by adding each family member’s own photo to the front cover. All these things you can easily do by creating a duplicate of your photobook or calendar. There are 6 steps you need to do:

  1. Open the pix2print software.
  2. Click ‘Open’.
  3. Select your original photobook or calendar.
  4. Click ‘Duplicate Project’.
  5. Give the new photobook or calendar a name, for example ‘holiday Byron Bay – John’s book’. Give them a meaningful name so you can recognise from the title which photobook or calendar it is.
  6. Click ‘OK’.

duplicate a photobook or calendar duplicated photobook

Your duplicated photobook or calendar has been created and is now also listed in the ‘Open Project’ window. Now you can open that photobook or calendar, make the changes you wanted to make to personalise it and go through the order process once you are done.

Do this for each unique photobook or calendar you want to create, but is effectively a copy of a book with some minor changes.

From now on it will be easy to give friends and family meaningful and personal presents!

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