Photobook – Front cover and back cover

One of the most important things of your photobook is the cover. At pix2print we display the front and back cover next to each other on one spread as that is the way we will be printing it. Don’t get confused with the location of the front and the back cover: as we print the cover on one section of paper we need to have the back cover on the left hand side of the design software and the front cover on the right hand side.

We have placed two big text boxes with ‘back cover’ and ‘front cover’ to initially remind you which one is which. You can delete these big text boxes to make it easier to design your cover without getting distracted (although they don’t print if you decide to leave them!).

Above the red line (see Photobook – What does the red line mean?) we have also placed two more (much smaller) reminders of which one is the front cover and which one is the back cover. Neither of these text boxes will show on your printed photobook (check the preview if you want to see what will be printed), but these little reminders cannot be removed so you can always check if you have placed the title on the correct side of the cover!

This is an example of a cover with a photo and title on the front cover (the right hand side) and the back cover showing 3 photos. The first image shows the design area where you can easily see the text boxes displaying ‘front cover’ and ‘back cover’. The second (right) image shows the same cover, but in preview mode (note: the text boxes have not been removed, they simply don’t show on the final print and therefore also don’t show on the preview).

front cover and back cover in design area front cover and back cover in preview

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