Sharing photos – Dropbox

Over the Christmas break I went on a holiday with some friends and of course we all brought a camera. We all must have been taking 100’s of photos!

Now the holiday is over, we have returned home and we would love to see each other’s photos, but some of us aren’t living in the same city…

That’s when Dropbox comes in handy.

Dropbox is a simple online storage facility where you can store and access your files from almost anywhere and most importantly you can share these files with anybody who also has a Dropbox account!

After you install Dropbox you will see the Dropbox folder on your computer. Now you can add sub-folders and files just like with any other folder.

dropbox folders

dropbox folders

Our group created the folder NZ 2012 for our holiday photos and this folder is shared with everybody who went on the holiday. That means we can all view, edit and delete everything that is in that folder (including all sub-folders). I added all my photos to a sub-folder of NZ 2012 with my name (Jude) and all my friends also created a sub-folder with their name and added their photos. Once the photos are added, they are automatically shared with everybody in that group.

Best of all: Dropbox has a free account of 2Gb! (you can upgrade and pay for more space if you want)

Happy sharing!

PS I also use my Dropbox account to store a copy of my travel itinerary, my travel insurance and my passport. This way I can always access these important files when I need them even if I am not on my own computer as all files are always accesible via – all you need is your username and password.

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