Photobook – How to add gift wrapping to your order

Personalised photobooks and calendars make for excellent gifts, but what if you don’t live gift wrapin the same city as the person you are creating a present for? You could create the photobook or calendar and have it shipped to your address, wrap it and send it on to the lucky person, but that means you are paying for shipping twice…

And also, I don’t know about you, but I am usually quite pushed for time when I finally get around to organising presents and sending them, so having to send it through the mail twice just adds to the time for the photobook or calendar to get to the right person.

But now you can simply add gift wrapping to your order and send directly it to the lucky person! And if you are running really late you can even use the VIP shipping to try to get it their on time.

So, how do you add gift wrapping to your photobook?

  1. First you have to finish the photobook, make sure everything is just right.
  2. Then, click on ‘Order’ order buttonto get the order process started.The software automatically checks for any issues there might be in the photobook. Check Photobook – How to solve warnings for more information about these warnings and errors. If there are no warnings or errors you automatically skip this.
  3. Once you are online, log in or create a new account (only necessary if you are a new user).
  4. As soon as you have logged in, the ‘Order Details’ page is shown. It will look like this:

    add gift wrapping

  5. Now, look for the link that says Changeand click on it. I know it isn’t very obvious, but that link takes you to the ‘Select Cover’ page where you can add the gift wrapping. It either looks like this:

    add gift wrapping

    or like this (only visible if you had made a 20x20cm SOFT cover photobook to start with. The software automatically gives you the option to change to a hard cover 20x20cm photobook):

    add gift wrap

  6. Select the gift wrap option and click ‘Change’ to take you back to the ‘Order Details’ page.
  7. Click ‘Continue’ to take you to the ‘Shipping / Billing Details’ page.
  8. Check the ‘Shipping Address’ and change it to the addres of the lucky person receiving your gift. Leave the ‘Billing Address’ to your address and finalise your order.

You have just made somebody really happy!

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