Photobook – How to solve warnings

When you are ready to order your photobook or calendar, you click on ‘Order’ order button. Automaticall the software checks your photobook or calendar for errors.

It won’t be able to find spelling mistakes (typos), grammatical errors or a text or picture box that has crossed the red line (because for example sometimes we want the picture box to go over the red line to make sure it fills the entire page when printed).

But it will show you warnings for the following:

  • empty text box
  • empty picture box
  • empty page
  • text overflows box
  • low quality picture

example error messages

You can click on the warning to get more information about it:

empty text box warning

empty page warning

text overflows box error

empty picture box warning

low quality picture box

Any yellow warning can be ignored if you want. Just click ‘OK’ and you can continue the order process. The empty picture box and text box won’t be printed (you won’t see anything of them in your printed version) and the empty page will just be an empty page (yes, you do pay for empty pages) as this gives you the option to add an empty page if you want to.

However, the red warning (like the ‘text overflows box’) cannot be ignored. Check the page it is on, cancel the order process and go to that page. Find the text box that is too small for the text in it and either make the text box larger, change the font size or delete some of the text to ensure all text fits inside the text box.

Once you have solved all the red error messages you can continue with the order process.

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