The photobook design software

I thought I would actually talk to you today about the different areas in the photobook design software and what we call them as I am sure I will talk about them a lot in the future. I am of course going to talk about the pix2print software specifically, but most photobook design software are built up in similar ways. So if you are using a different brand software (I hope you’re not…!) you will just have to find the similar areas there.

Where most photobook design software varies is the options they give you to design your own photobook. Some companies like to restrict you quite a bit, at pix2print we believe we should give you as much freedom as possible as I would get frustrated too with a photobook design software that restricts my options!

Ok, so when you open the software and select ‘NEW’ to create a new photobook (or calendar, but they behave slighltly differently so I am going to talk to you from the photobook perspective) you will see it is built up with 5 different areas:

photobook design software

  • The photo selection area (far left of your screen, running from near the top to the bottom)
  • The page thumbnail preview area (top of your screen, between the photo selection area and the inspector)
  • The inspector (far right hand side of your screen, running from near the top to the bottom). The inspector has 5 tabs which give you a lot of options to be creative with your photos.
  • The library (bottom of your screen, between the photo selection area and the inspector). The library also has 5 tabs: Page Styles, Masks, Backgrounds, Frames and Scrapbook.
  • The main creative area in the middle of all of the above mentioned areas. It includes the toolbar above it which you use for example to add picture boxes, add text boxes or zoom in or out.

I’ll go into more detail about the inspector and the library areas another time as they have a lot of options, especially the inspector!

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