Photobook – Page styles

Page styles – what are they and do I have to use them?

Two questions I would like to try and answer today. Page styles are like templates for your photos in a photobook, allowing you to simply drag and drop your photos into the picture boxes of a page style. To answer the second question right away as well – no, you don’t have to, but you might want to…

The pix2print design software has a range of page styles already available to you as soon as you have installed the software. They have been put into categories:

  • 1 pix
  • 2 pix
  • 3 pix
  • 4 pix
  • 5 pix
  • blank
  • cover
  • ideas and tips
  • multi pix
  • recipes (only available in some sizes photobooks)
  • spread

You can choose to view all page styles, or, if you are looking for something specific, you can select to see only those page styles that fit into a certain category. Some categories have just a few page styles (blank only has 1) and others have a range to choose from.

Now how do you use these page styles? The short answer is simply drag and drop the page style you want to use onto the page (or pages if you chose a spread page style). Now you can add your photos and you are done.

But you can also change any page style to suit your needs. You can use any page style as a base and make as many changes to it as you want. And, if you like the page style you have created and you think you might want to use it again, you can even save it and re-use it over and over again in that photobook, but also in all future photobooks you make of that same size. I will write about how to save your own page style in another post.

Changing an existing page style is easy

Changing an existing page style is easy

In the above example I have used the same multi pix page style on both pages, but on the right page I have deleted one picture box (because I like the visual effect) and changed the background colour to black. A completely new look based on an existing page style. Check out the ‘ideas and tips’ category (in the pix2print design software) for some more ideas on what you can do with page styles.

Now why does pix2print not have any page styles already on the pages of a photobook when you create it? We found that it caused confusion as people thought they had to use the page styles in the book. By providing you with blank pages we have tried to really give you artistic freedom in how you want your pages to look. Some people might want to use the page styles supplied, but others will want to design their own – it is all possible!

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