Photobook – How to place an order

You have spent many hours (even days!) perfecting your photobook (or calendar) and now you are ready to have it printed so you can show it to your family and friends. Now how do you make sure your order is processed correctly and smoothly?

There are quite a few steps to show you, as the screens change with every step, so bear with me through the process. I will discuss some potential warnings or error messages as well. If all goes well you shouldn’t see any error messages (red). You’ll see that it is possible to ignore the warning messages (the yellow ones) as long as you are aware of them.

Ok, your photobook is ready and your screen looks like this:

photobook ready to order

  1. Now click on the order button ‘Order’ button, this automatically starts the checking process, showing you any empty picture boxes, text boxes or pages you might have in the photobook. I will write more about ‘How to solve warnings’ soon.
  2. Check all warnings and make sure you haven’t left anything empty accidentally. If there are no warnings this step is skipped and you will see an ‘Order…’ box to inform you that you need to be connected to the internet to place an order and you also have to tick the check box that says: ‘I have read the disclaimer and accept the terms and conditions’.

    confirm you are connected to the internet and agree with the disclaimer

  3. Click ‘Start’ after you have ticked the check box.
    Another box pops up, don’t click on anything here and wait for a few seconds:complete the online order form - your browser will open in a few seconds
  4. First it appears nothing is happening. But this is when you are transferred to the online order system where you will be uploading your files. In a few seconds your preferred internet browser opens and you will see this on your screen:log in or create a username
  5. If you already have created an account with pix2print you can enter your login and password and click ‘Login’. I am going to assume you don’t have an account yet, so please click on ‘Click here‘ (on the order page, not in this blog). Another page opens (told you there were going to be many pages):

    enter your details

  6. Fill in your details and click the button ‘Create’ at the bottom of the page.
    The page with your ‘Order Details’ is now showing:order details
  7. See ‘How to add gift wrapping to your order‘ for details on how to do that, but today we are just going to click on ‘Continue’ to get to the next step, the ‘Shipping / Billing Details’:

    check your details

  8. Make sure you check the shipping and billing details and also select the ‘Shipping Method’ you want to use. The more in a hurry you are, the more expensive it will be…

    If your photobook or calendar weighs less than 500gr that option is automatically displayed.

    The different options are:
    * standard delivery – under 500gr $6
    * express post – under 500gr $9
    * standard delivery – $10
    * express post – $15
    * VIP manufacturing – $99.95 (Find out here how to get your photobook home fast!)

  9. Click ‘Continue’ when you are sure all details are correct. Next step is ‘Payment’:payment of your order
  10. Again, make sure all the details are correct and if you have a voucher code (lucky you!), please enter it here and click the button ‘Set’.
  11. Then, when all is good, click ‘Confirm Order’.
  12. Now you can use Paypal to transfer the money owing. Paypal is used so you can feel confident your details are secure and safe.

    Login with your username, or use the option to pay as a guest: Don’t have a PayPal account? (if you don’t have an account and don’t want one):

    pay using paypal

  13. Now this is where things get a little tricky, confusing for some. Once you have completed payment with PayPal you will get the message that your order has been accepted and you are given an order number on your internet browser:order accepted


  14. This is when you have to go back to the pix2print software. The box there has changed:upload your files

    I am assuming you have a reasonable internet connection (I will write about other options to send us your files in a future post, contact pix2print using if you need help with that now).

  15. Leave the selected ‘Upload Finished Pages’. If you want to see how long it will roughly take to upload the files you can click on ‘Test’. That will give you an estimate:estimated upload time
  16. Click ‘Continue’ and the uploading process of all your photos and layout and text, etc to the pix2print will begin. Make yourself a cuppa – you deserve it!

    As you have probably used quite a few photos this can take quite a while, this one I uploaded took 36 minutes:

    creating the order data

    Progress is shown like this:

    progress in the upload files process

    It goes through every page, uploading every item used. That’s why it takes a while. Believe me, when you see the end result in your mailbox it is all worth it!

    Now, the moment you have been waiting for:your order has successfully uploaded to the server

    Your order has successfully uploaded to the server!

  17. Click ‘Finish’, sit back and relax. Well done! All your work for this photobook or calendar is  finished, now it is up to pix2print to do all the work…

PS You will know that you have completed your order when you receive an email with the subject: pix2print – Order ‘23238803’ Upload Confirmation. This is different from the first email you received that said: pix2print – Order ‘23238803’ Confirmation.

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