Photobook – How to add pages

When using the free pix2print software most photobooks have 30 blank pages when you start a new photobook (the only one that starts with a different amount of pages is the 20 x 20cm soft cover photobook).

If you have a lot of photos you want to use in one photobook you might want to add some pages. Because the photobooks always have an even number of pages the software adds 2 pages at a time – a spread (2 pages facing each other).

There are 3 options to add pages to a photobook:

  • Insert
  • Duplicate
  • Add

All 3 options can be found under the menu ‘Page’:

menu page

Although they all have the same end result (2 pages are added to the total of the photobook), they all vary slightly in the way they do it.

If you use the option ‘Add’ (or press CTRL + SHIFT + I  simultaneously on your keyboard) the 2 pages are added behind the last pages. It doesn’t matter where in the photobook you are working, they are added at the end.

If you need pages at a specific location in the photobook you can use the option ‘Insert’. If you are working on page 21 + 22 and you press CTRL + I  simultaneously on the keyboard (or click on the menu ‘Page’ and select ‘Insert’), the blank pages are added as page 21 + 22. In other words they are inserted in front of the page you are currently looking at in the main area of the design software.

And don’t forget you can always re-arrange the pages if you end up with photos in the wrong place.

The last option is to use ‘Duplicate’ from the menu ‘Page’. This option doesn’t have a keyboard shortcut as it is not used that often. It simply makes an exact copy of the spread you have selected and adds it to the photobook directly behind the current spread.

Why would you use ‘Duplicate’ instead of ‘Add’ or ‘Insert’? Duplicating pages is a fantastic option when you have created a great lay-out (page-style) that you want to use again. Simply duplicate the spread (the 2 pages) and all you have to do is drag and drop the photos you want to use.

Next post: How to delete pages 🙂

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