Photobook ideas – Kids’ art work

Most of us have made a photobook from our holiday, but have you ever thought about keeping a memento from your children’s (or grandchildren’s) art?

First the drawings sit proudly on your fridge, or maybe you even have a dedicated wall for all the art work, but then they are replaced by newer drawings or paintings. What to do with the old ones, because surely you have found some gems in there? Maybe you even have a drawer full of drawings you don’t want to throw away…

You don’t have to keep all the drawings, paintings and art projects they make, but it can be really fun to keep some of the treasures. They can even show them to their children when they grow up themselves…

If you have a scanner, or have a friend with a scanner, simply scan the drawings and paintings you want to keep. If you don’t have a scanner and don’t know anybody with one, don’t worry, you can still create a photobook with their art! Simply take a photo of the art work!

Taking photos is also the way to go when you want to add something that doesn’t fit under the scanner…!

Place them all in a folder on your computer. Don’t forget to add a date and maybe a comment about the drawing or painting. Why you kept it, what is on it, where they made it – anything that can help you add a caption in the photobook later.

When the year is up, or when it is their 18th birthday coming up (!) add them all in a photobook, in chronological order makes most sense, add some fun captions and have it printed. A great way to keep some fantastic memories about them growing up!

photobook with kids art

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