Photobook – How to open the software

After you have downloaded the software there should be a shortcut to open the pix2print design software on your desktop. To open the software so you can start creating your photobook or calendar, simply double-click on the icon that looks like this:

button to open software

You can also right-click on the icon and select ‘Open’.

Don’t confuse it with this icon:

install button

That is the icon that was added during the downloading of the software. Usually this icon isn’t downloaded to your desktop, but if you have setup your computer to download executable files automatically to your desktop you might still find it there. After using this icon for the installation I recommend you delete that shortcut from your desktop (if you have this icon on your desktop) to avoid confusion.

If there is no icon that looks like the first image I showed you on your desktop, you can search for the it. Search for pix2print and you will find the application in your hard-drive somewhere. I recommend you create a shortcut from the icon and place it on your desktop. That way it is much easier to find next time.

To create an icon and place it on your desktop once you have found the program is really easy:

Search for pix2print. You should find something that looks like this:

finding pix2print in a search

Or you can find it on your C drive, under Program Files. The folder there is also called pix2print and you will have to open it to see the files in there. Typically you will see the following files in the pix2print folder:

folder with the photobook softwarepix2print in it

No matter which method you use to find it, to add a shortcut icon to your desktop you will need to right-click on the program in the search results or on the application in the folder and select ‘Send To’ and then select ‘Desktop (create shortcut)’.

That’s it, a pix2print icon like the first one I showed you will be added to your desktop, move it to the place where you want it to be and double-click to start creating!

Next time I will show you how to start a new project.

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