Photobook – How to start a new project

You have downloaded the software, installed the software and now what? When you are ready to start creating your photobook, open the software and start a new project. There are a few steps you have to get through and I’ll go through them one by one.

After opening the photobook software you will see this pix2print box:

select start a new project or open an existing project

It allows you to select if you want to start a new project or open an existing one. I will assume you haven’t started a project yet as you are reading this, so select ‘New’.

Another box appears looking like this:

select a new project

Now you have to decide which of the products you want to make and select that one. You might have to scroll down to find the product you want. If you are working on a Mac you might not see all the products that are available. If the one you want isn’t there you can click ‘Check for Updates’ and add the product you need.

Once you have decided which size photobook or calendar you want to create, click on that photobook or calendar description to select it and click the button ‘Next’. The box for the next step automatically opens:

give your new project a name

This is where you give the photobook or calendar a name. If you have already created some photobooks or calendars you will see them here, otherwise this area will be empty.

make sure you give your photobook or calendar a good name. It might be handy to add a year to the name for example so you can make a ‘2011 holiday’ and a ‘2012 holiday’ photobook. With a name that reminds you about what it is you will be able to remember which one you need to open when you want to work on it next time.

After you typed in the name, click ‘Create’. There are no more steps. The photobook design software opens and you can start creating your photobook or calendar! Have fun!

photobook design software

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