Photobook – How to get my photobook or calendar home fast (VIP delivery)

Ok, you’re in a panic because you need your photobook or calendar ASAP….

I know I am certainly guilty of being late for birthdays cards and I am definitely the type that runs around like mad trying to find a present last minute for the wedding I have known I am going to for the last 6 months…

If you are like me and you have started creating a photobook or calendar as a gift, or maybe for yourself but you want to show it to your parents when you visit them in a few days, and you have left it a bit late, or just haven’t got around to finishing it and now you need it URGENTLY!! Don’t panic just yet, there is something called VIP service and it might just get you off the hook and get your photobook or calendar where it needs to be on time!

This is how it works…

Make sure you finish the photobook or calendar, double check it for spelling mistakes, use the preview option, etc. The last thing you want is a mistake somewhere because you were running out of time!

Triple check the photobook or calendar. As I said, the last thing you want is some silly typo in the title because you had to get it ordered in a hurry!

Ok, assuming you have checked, double checked and triple checked your photobook or calendar, you can now start the ordering process. I have talked about the order proces before, have a look here if you want to refresh your memory.

For the VIP service you go through the normal order process, but when you get to the Shipping / Billing Details (step 8) make sure you select:

  • VIP Manufacturing – Guaranteed Shipped Next Business Day via Express Post (order and upload before 5 AM on the day we ship)

A mouth full and what does it actually mean? And how fast will I be able to get my photobook or calendar at the right place?

Imagine it is Tuesday afternoon and you want to get your photobook delivered to your house ASAP. You are double checking the photobook, making sure there are no errors in it and then after a last check you are ready to order.

If you make sure that you complete the order process before 5AM on the Wednesday (remember it is Tuesday now in our example), your photobook will be given priority and printed that same Wednesday and placed in the Express shipping that same day too.

That means that depending on where the photobook needs to go, you could have your photobook delivered on Thursday (in our example we finished the order any time before 5AM on Wednesday). The address where the photobook is going to needs to be within the Express Post Network area from Australia Post to be able to receive their guaranteed next business day delivery. Check the Australia Post website to see if the address you want to send it to is part of the Express Post Network.

And please make sure you send the files for the photobook!!! Without the files the printing of your photobook or calendar cannot start! After you paid for the order, please ensure you upload the files using your internet connection. It takes at least half an hour usually to send the files and you should have seen something that looks like this to show progress:

progress in the upload files process

Once completed you also should have received emails with the following subjects (make sure you have received the last one before you let go of that sigh of relief!!):

  • pix2print – Order ‘23242933’ Confirmation
  • pix2print – Order ‘23242933’ Upload Confirmation

Now all you have to do is sit back and wait!

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