Photobook – How to add a picture box

I just realised I never talked about some of the basics with you, so decided that I would show you how to add a picture box to your photobook today.

An easy way to design your photobook is to use the page styles that come standard with the pix2print photobook design software. All you have to do is drag and drop the page style you want onto the page and you instantly have something you can work with. A page style can have one or more picture boxes in it, allowing you to add your photos to them easily. Again this is done by dragging a photo to the picture box and ‘dropping’ it in the picture box.

But, sometimes you might not see the page style you like in the standard page styles. Or maybe you just want all the artistic freedom to place the photo exactly where you want it. Or maybe you have found a page style you like, but instead of 3 photos you want to have 4 or even 5 on the page.

All of that is possible as the pix2print photobook design software doesn’t restrict you like some other software does.

You can add a picture box using any of these methods:

  • Click on the ‘Add Picture Box’ button (see image below);
  • Press the CTRL + SHIFT + B keys simultanuously on your keyboard; or
  • Select the menu option ‘Insert’ and then ‘Picture Box’ and then select one of the 3 options (rectangle, oval, polygon).

Add Picture Box button

Clicking on the button ‘Add Picture Box’ always adds a square picture box to the same spot, roughly in the middle of the left page. The same happens if you use the keys CTRL + SHIFT + B on your keyboard or if you use the menu option and select rectangle.

If you want to add a round picture box to your photobook you either use the menu option (‘Insert’ then ‘Picture Box’ then ‘Oval’) or you use the shortcut for a round / oval picture box: CTRL + SHIFT + O.

The polygon doesn’t have a shortcut keyboard option, you have to use the menu option if you want to add a polygon to your photobook.

example of picture boxes - rectangle, oval, polygon

This is what these picture boxes will look like with a photo in them:

example of the same picture boxes with photos

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