Photobook – How to use the preview

Using the preview in the photobook design software is always a good idea, but especially important before placing your order. I always make sure I check the preview before hitting the ‘Order’ button, it has saved me many times!

The preview shows you how your photobook or calendar will be printed. So if you haven’t removed the 2 big text boxes on the front cover that say ‘FRONT COVER’ and ‘BACK COVER’, you won’t see them in the preview as they are set to not print. Also the two little text boxes on the front and back cover (at the top in the middle) are not printed and therefore not shown in the preview.

Whenever you want to have a look at the photobook or calendar without getting distracted by all the options the photobook design software gives you, simply click the ‘Preview’ button:

preview button

You can also select the menu ‘View’ and then select ‘Preview…’ all the way at the bottom of the menu.

Immediately the preview ‘look’ opens and you can no longer see the photo selection area, the page thumbnail preview area, the inspector, the library and the main creative area. Instead, the whole screen is taken over by the preview of the photobook or calendar.

preview look

Use the navigation buttons at the top in the middle to check each page. From left to right the arrows have the following meaning:

  • Go back to the first page
  • Go back one page
  • Go to the next page
  • Go to the last page

preview navigation buttons

Light green means they are not active, in this example you are at the first page and therefore you can’t click go to first page or go back a page because you are already on the first page.

Unfortunately the preview is not smart enough to open on the page where you were in the photobook or calendar, it always opens with the front and back cover (the first spread in the photobook). If you want to quickly check a page that is near the end, use the ‘Go to the last page’ arrow to show the last pages and then go back from there. That might save you some time, especially if you have a lot of pages in your photobook.

Once you have finished checking the pages you wanted to look at, you can return to the photobook design editor by clicking the ‘Close’ button close the preview button in the far right corner and then you can continue working on the photobook or calendar if you need to or you can start the order process.

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