Photobook – How to change the name of your photobook or calendar

I have just spent a few minutes doing it myself – changing the names of my photobooks and calendars. It was about time as I even had to open some to see which pictures were inside, I couldn’t remember!

So if you are like me and have already created a few photobooks and calendars, or you have just started on your first photobook, if you want to change the name of any of them you have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the software with the shortcut button on your desktop (looks like this: button to open software) Double-click on the button and the pix2print screen where you can select ‘New’ or ‘Open’ opens:

    select start a new project or open an existing project

    As we are changing the name of your photobook or calendar I am going to assume you have already created one or more with the pix2print software and saved them.

  2. Click ‘Open’ to open an existing project. The ‘Open Project…’ screen opens:
    Open project screen

    As you can see I have just changed a few names already. This makes it easier for me to find the right photobook or calendar next time I want to work on one of them.

  3. Click on the name of the photobook or calendar you want to change. This highlights the project in blue and also activates the 4 buttons that you cannot click on yet (‘Duplicate Project’, Rename Folder’, ‘Delete’ and ‘Open’).
  4. Click ‘Rename Folder’. The ‘Rename Project’ box opens: rename project box
  5. Enter the new name.
  6. Click ‘OK’. You return to the ‘Open Project’ and the name of your photobook or calendar has changed.

Repeat steps 3 to 6 if you have any other projects you want to rename. Otherwise you are done :-).

A few other things to think of when you are naming a project for the first time, or when you are changing the name of a project like we are now:

  • I added the year at the front of the name so all my photobooks and calendars are listed in chronological order.
  • I added a brief description of what kind of photobook or calendar it is, for example 33×26 or A3 calendar. You can also see that when you open the project, but I like to see it quickly here too.

You might have noticed the 2 folders (_ordered and _original photos used) at the top of my projects which you won’t see standard in your Open Project screen. I will talk about them another time as they are also very handy ways to organise things!

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