Photobook – How to set a specific height and width for your photos

You might have already discovered how easy it is to adjust the size of a picture box in the pix2print design software. Simply place your cursor on one of the little blue balls you see on each of the corners of a picture box and in the middle of each side and drag it until you have the size you want. If you don’t see the blue balls I am talking about, click on the picture box and you will see them appear.

If you place your cursor on one of the blue balls in the corner, the entire image is made larger or smaller keeping the ratio between the height and the width the same.

resize picture box using a corner resized picture box - larger on all sides

If you use one of the blue balls in the middle of one of the sides, the picture box will become larger or smaller only in the direction you move the cursor.

resize picture box by dragging the centre of the picture box resized picture box - larger on one side

You can see this is a very easy way to change the shape of your picture box, make it larger, make is smaller, create a rectangular picture box either horizontally or vertically oriented.

This method is simple and easy, but doesn’t give you much control over the exact size. And sometimes, for example when you are placing 9 pictures in a square on a single page, you might want to be very precise with the width and the height of each picture box so they are all exactly the same size.

I will first show you how to create a picture box with a specific height and width and then I’ll show you a little trick to create multiple picture boxes with the same height and width.

To create a picture box with a specific height and width:

  1. Click on ‘Add Picture Box’ Add Picture Box button
  2. Click on the picture box so it is active and you can see the blue balls in the corners.
  3. Make sure the 4th tab in the Inspector is visible. This should look like this: inspector 4th tab with measurements
  4. The position (in mm) it shows and the size (in mm) are always the same for a picture box that has just been added and hasn’t been changed yet.
  5. Click in the white box underneath ‘Width’ and change the number into the size you want.
  6. Do the same for the ‘Height’ of the picture box.

Your picture box now has exactly that size. You can also use the position to place it in the exact spot where you want it and tick the ‘Constrain Proportions’ if needed.

If you know you are going to need a number of picture boxes that are all the same size, it is easiest if you create the first one using the method above. Then, instead of repeating this for every box, simple copy and paste that box and move them to the correct position on the page. Makes live a lot easier!

Especially when creating pages with lots of photos it creates a professional look if you make sure they are all the same size and aligned correctly. Of course you can also create a great look with all picture boxes a different size and mixed up on the page, but make sure it is intentional if you want to create that look!

Have you got some smart tips on how to create a professional look in your photobooks? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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