How to order a gift voucher

giftWe all love gift vouchers, they are great gifts to give, but also great gifts to receive!

It’s very easy to buy a gift voucher from pix2print:

  1. Go directly to or navigate there from the homepage (go to products and then select gift vouchers).
  2. Decide which size photobook you want to give (or maybe you are buying one for yourself?), the options are 20x20cm SOFT cover, 20x20cm HARD cover, 30x30cm HARD cover, A4 portrait or landscape (both HARD cover) or 33x26cm – also with a HARD cover.
  3. Then decide the number of pages you want to include in the gift voucher and click on the button next to the size photobook you want and with the right number of pages. The price is included on the button so you know exactly how much that gift voucher will cost.

    Once you have clicked on the button to add that gift voucher to your card a new page will open with the paypal payment options listed.

  4. Enter the credit card payment details or log into paypal and make the payment.
  5. You will receive an automated email from paypal confirming your payment for a gift voucher. After you have received this email you will receive another email with your gift voucher.

    The gift voucher has a unique code that can be used once to pay for the photobook (make sure you select the correct size photobook when you start creating!).

When you are on the paypal page, you can go back to the pix2print gift vouchers page to continue shopping. You can also quickly add more gift vouchers for the same size photobook by using the option to add a number in the Quantity box and click ‘Update‘. When you are finished shopping you will need to make the payment on the paypal page:

paypal payment screen

click on the image to view larger

If you have a paypal account you can log in and make the payment using your payment option listed within paypal. If you don’t have an account you have 2 options:

  • create an account with paypal
  • use the secure paypal gateway and pay as a guest (no account needed)

As a guest you can also be ensured a safe payment option using your own preferred credit card.

Happy creating (and giving)!

PS Don’t forget, if you want to give a gift voucher with a different number of pages included (some photobooks can have as many as 120!) or you want to give a gift voucher for making a calendar, send us an email and we can help you out, no problem.

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