Photobook – How to align several photos

When you are adding multiple photos to a page you sometimes want to create a playful collection of photo, but sometimes you want to have photos aligned perfectly – all on the same line.

Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t trust my eyes to make sure they are exactly on the same line, so a lot of times I have found myself checking the x or y coordinates from each photo on the page to make sure they were on the same line. Now that is a lot of work and is ok if you just want to check one or two photos, but it must be possible to do this faster. And it is!

If you have added a few photos to a page randomly, like I have added these 5 photos here:

5 photos in random locations on the page

Then the easiest way to get for example the top 3 photos aligned is this:

  1. Select the top 3 photos (hold the Shift button down and click with your mouse on each picture box, you should see the blue dots / handles on all 3 – see image below).
  2. Release the Shift button so you just have the 3 photos selected.
  3. Right-click in one of the selected images (don’t click next to the images as that ‘un-selects’ the 3 photos). The menu options appear:
    selecting the align option
  4. Hover your mouse over the ‘Align / Space’ menu option to see all the options. The following options are available:
    • Align Top
    • Align Bottom
    • Align Left
    • Align Right
    • Align Vertical Page Centre
    • Align Horizontal Page Centre
    • Align Horizontal Spread Centre
    • Space Items…
  5. Select the option you want to use and you’re done! I selected ‘Align Top’ and the top 3 photos are perfectly aligned on one line:

the top 3 photos are perfectly aligned on one line

I also aligned the bottom 2 photos and used the ‘Space Items’ to create even gaps between all photos (see below). I’ll talk about that another time, but have a play with it and see how easy it is to align photos for yourself. Just be aware that if you use for example ‘Align Left’ when you have selected 3 photos that are more or less on the same horizontal line, you will get all photos to align with the left hand side of the picture and so they will all overlap…

all photos aligned and spaced

If you have done something and you want to ‘undo’ it: Click on the ‘Undo’ button or use the shortcut CTRL + Z. You can undo a number of steps in a row if you need to go back quite a bit, but it doesn’t go back further than the last time you saved it.

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