Photo books – Selecting the perfect colour

So many times I have had problems picking the right colour for some text in my photo book, or selecting a background colour…

Until I discovered this little program called CPick – I guess it is short for Colour Pick. And the name says it all!

CPick - colour picker

That is what it looks like when you open it. It has lots of features, but the best (and most important) feature is that it allows you to pick a colour and it will tell you the RGB values for that colour!

Simply click on the button that says ‘Click and Drag’ and then drag your mouse to the area where you want to select your colour. Once your mouse is on the correct pixel with the colour you want, let go of the mouse and that’s it. The colour has been selected and you can read the RGB values (and more) from the screen (where you see 192, 192 and 192 now).

Now how does that help me I can hear some of you mumble…

Remember a few months ago when I showed you how to select a different colour as a background? If you have a look in that post you will see that, towards the end, I  mention you can use it to select the colour you want, setting the RGB values if you want to.

This means you can now match the background colour or the text colour to your favourite shirt you are wearing in the photo. And business can easily select a colour from their logo to use as text or background.

If you want to download the software, you can go directly to this site: It’s a Dutch site and it has a few other nice little programs. You can also have a look here:, that is a site where different colour pickers are compared. That’s where I found out about CPick.

Enjoy picking just that right colour!

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