Photo books – Photos spread over 2 pages

I love beautiful photos which I can spread over 2 opposing pages. Some beautiful landscape photos, but also photos of animals and children are great for spreading them over 2 pages to create a stunning feature in your photo book.

But, when you make your photo book with a photo spread over 2 pages, make sure you don’t put the most important part of the photo over the middle! And that might proof quite hard as we normally centre the most important person or animal in our photos…

So if you have a photo like this:

photo of lion in grass

with the subject, the lioness, in the middle of your photo, your spread would look like this in an A4 landscape photo book:

spread of 2 pages with lion photo in the middle

In the photo book design software this might look great, but don’t forget those are 2 pages we are looking at. What will happen when this is printed and bound into a photo book is that a little bit of the lioness will disappear into the crease where the pages get together into the spine.

That doesn’t mean you can’t use a photo like this on a spread over 2 pages. It just means you need to make some small adjustments to the photo.

How to make adjustments to your photo spread over 2 pages:

Double-click on the photo (anywhere on the spread) to open the ‘Crop Picture…’ box:

crop picture box

Now you can adjust the photo, crop it, so the lioness is on either the left page or the right page of the spread.

To ‘move’ the lioness to the right page you use the crop handle (which you can see in the bottom right hand corner of the photo in your crop picture box). I will write more about how to crop a photo for your photo book (or calendar) in a next post.

This is how you could crop the photo to get the lioness appear on the right hand-side of your spread:

crop the photo with the lioness

The spread now looks like this:

lioness on the right hand side of the spread

And this way part of the lioness won’t disappear when the photo book is printed. And you don’t have to move the entire subject to one of the pages, sometimes it is sufficient to move the subject just a little bit so the most important part doesn’t fall into the crease.

Have you used a different technique to make sure your photos aren’t affected by the crease of the spine? Leave a comment so we can learn from it!

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