Photo books – Fundraising for Variety – the Children’s Charity

alphabet book with a differenceToday I would like to talk about something different, something I strongly believe in; supporting the community I live in.

Before I started my own company I used to ‘donate’ my time to charities, but now I have my own company, I find I no longer have the time to donate my time to charities. I decided I still wanted to contribute to a better society and started to work on the option of fundraising with pix2print that could be useful to schools, clubs, teams and charities.

And after several months of hard work, you can now show your support too by purchasing the Alphabet Book made as a fundraiser for Variety – the Children’s Charity.

After finding a creative photographer, Gillian van Niekerk from Vann Photography, we started designing the Alphabet Book.

The idea was to create an Alphabet Book with some letters being represented with photos that would easily be recognised by the younger children. We chose some traditional ‘a-z’ subject matter; the book begins quite naturally with A is for Apple but after that a few modern concepts sneak in.

Questions were added to each page to prompt discussions with older children, creating a great interactive element to the Alphabet Book. The overview at the end of the Alphabet Book provides a great way to see if they remember what they have learnt in the book.

The Alphabet Book can be bought in 3 different options. We created a 20x20cm soft cover version, a lovely way to teach your child the alphabet. And there is also a hard cover option in the same size, great as a gift but also a fantastic addition to your (grand) child’s own library.

If you want something really special you can also opt for the large 30x30cm Alphabet Book which allows you to submit your own photo for one of the letters of the alphabet. Before printing we will replace the photo of the letter of your choice with your own photo. special edition alphabet book with your own photo and questionAnd you can even add your own question to personalise the photo book even more.

So when learning the alphabet, your child can learn the E is for Emily or the M is for Mark and have their own photo in the Alphabet Book.

The special edition is also a great option for businesses who are looking for a great, high quality interactive book for in their waiting room or reception area, or who would love to show their support for Variety – the Children’s Charity. A business can send in their logo or a photo of their business which can replace the letter of their choice.

If you are interested in organising a fundraiser for your club, school, team or favourite charity, please get in touch with me at or click on the link if you would like to read more about organising a fundraiser selling gift vouchers for photo books with pix2print.

Next week I will talk you through the step by step instructions on how to make your own alphabet book.

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