Photo books – How to make an alphabet book for your child

alphabet book with a differenceLast week I told you we created a gorgeous alphabet book as a fundraiser for Variety – the Children’s Charity. In the Alphabet Book we used some great photos taken by a fantastic local photographer called Gillian van Niekerk, from Vann Photography.

We also offer the option to personalise the special edition, where you can send us your photo and we will add it to the Alphabet Book before printing it. This way you can have an Alphabet Book with a photo of your child in it. For example your daughter Emily will learn that E is for Emily and see her photo when she gets to the E.

special edition alphabet book with your own photo and question

And of course as it is a fundraiser, this special edition is also great for businesses who want to show their support for Variety. They can choose to have the first letter of their name on that page with a photo of their business or a logo.

But what if you want every letter in the alphabet to have a photo of your child? Easy, you make an alphabet photo book yourself with the easy-to-use photo book software from pix2print!

Maybe you have a photo of your child eating an apple, great for the A, and a holiday snapshot on the beach for B and maybe you have some photos of his or her favourite activities? Think of an action shot on the swing in the playground which can be used for the S, or playing on the Xylophone for the X – always a difficult letter to think of photos to use!

How to get started on your alphabet book?

First you need to have a photo you can use for each letter of the alphabet. I have written down some ideas for you for each letter to get you started, but I am sure you can come up with heaps more that are important to your kid! Think favourite activities, favourite toys and daily activities and you will come up with heaps more yourself.

The alphabet

A – eating an apple, aunty …

B – on the beach, in the buggy, bath time

C – with the cat, crawling

D – with the dog, drinking, dad

E – eating, eggs

F – family photo, first word

G – grandma and grandpa

H – hugging, home, holiday

I – icecream

J – jokes, drinking juice, jumping

K – kissing, kitchen

L – laughing, library

M – mum, messy

N – changing nappies, nap time

O – eating an orange,

P – playing, in the pool, picnic

Q – quilt, quack quack from ducks, quiet, quokka (if you live in Perth and can visit Rottnest Island J)

R – reading, robot

S – on the swing, in the sandpit, shopping, swimming

T – toilet training, television

U – uncle …, umbrella

V – vegetables, video

W – winter (in the snow or all rugged up against the cold), waving (for example waving good-bye)

X – playing on the xylophone, we used an x-ray so if your child has had an x-ray taken you could use that as well

Y – eating yoghurt, yawning, yellow

Z – at the zoo

Then, once you have decided what you want to do for each letter is actually take the photos. If you have a digital SLR camera, this is a great time to use it, but any camera will work. Just make sure the settings for your camera are for a high quality (resolution) photo so the quality is great once printed too.

Once you have all the photos you need, place them in a folder on your computer and start up the pix2print software. Actually, you can probably start before you have all the photos and have the alphabet book as a work in progress if you want. Just hit the save button after every time you have worked on your alphabet book and you can continue where you left the next time.

In the pix2print software, select the size photo book you want to use. I recommend the 20x20cm either in hard or soft cover. It’s a great size for kids, easy to handle and not too heavy.

On the first page, you can write a message for your child, tell them about the story of making the alphabet book or something else personal. They will love reading your message when they grow up.

And now you are ready to create the page for A.

How to create the letter pages for my alphabet book?

  1. Drag and drop the photo you want to use for A onto the page.
  2. Make the photo as big as you want it to be and add a frame or mask if you want. You can also just fill the page with the photo.
  3. Add a text box to the page. In the text box, write the letter A. I suggest you write the capital A and the small a. Use a font that looks like the letters how they will learn them in school to avoid confusing your child (one font you could use for example is Comic Sans MS).
  4. Make the letter big enough to read easily and stand out on the page, try size 150 or 200 and see what that looks like with your photo.
  5. If you want, change the colour of the letter, you can use a different colour for every letter.
  6. Then, add another text box and write the word in it, in this case ‘apple’.

your own alphabet book - letter page
You’re done!

You can change the location of the letters, the word and the photo until you like the page. Use your imagination to make every page a bright and fun one to look at.

We added one or two questions to each page as well to make it an interactive learning book, but you can also write a little bit about the photo. For example: ‘Max loves the swing and when we go to the playground he always wants to go to the swings first.’

Work your way through the entire alphabet and your child’s own personal alphabet book is ready! All you need to do now is order the book and wait for it to be delivered.

If you have a birthday coming up for your child, make sure you start early to ensure you get it on time! It might take a while before you get a good photo of your child yawning!

Enjoy making your photo book and please let me know if you have any questions about making it. I would love to see a photo of the result so feel free to email me a photo at!

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