It was in 2003 that I bought my first digital camera as I moved from The Netherlands to Australia. Having a digital camera meant I could take photos of my new home and share them with friends and family via email.

Several years later I had shared some of those digital photos with family and friends back in the Northern Hemisphere via emails, but I never looked at them myself: I hadn’t framed any of them, I hadn’t printed any of them… they were just sitting on my computer, gathering ‘dust’ because nobody looked at them after they were filed and saved.

Before the digital era I would print the photos from my holidays and create photo albums, I would even keep tickets and maps from the holiday so I could add them to the album too.

In 2005 I decided that I didn’t want my digital photos to just sit on my computer and then I discovered creating photo books online. Perfect! Now I could create photo books once again without having to print all my digital photos first and use glue to stick them into an album. Creating a photo book with digital photos was so much easier and looked so much more professional!

Fast forward a few years and after creating plenty of photo books for myself, helping others create them, and making them for family members and friends I decided I wanted to help more people tell their own story using photo books. I want everybody to be able to create high quality photo books on their own computer, in the comfort of their own home.

And that’s when I started pix2print: a place where you can create your own professional looking photo books and calendars, so you can also share your memories with family and friends!

It is also a place where you can come for ideas & tips, ask questions and where you can support your charity (ask me how!).

I hope you enjoy creating the photo books as much as I do and remember we are always here to help if you need it!


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